Thursday, May 13, 2004

Bl. Gianna Molla

Amy Welborn has info and links on the upcoming canonization of Gianna Molla.

After a lifetime of community service and religious faith, Sra. Molla was diagnosed with ovarian cancer while pregnant. She opted to give her daughter life at the cost of her own life.

Pro-abortionists hide behind the issue of 'choice', and pretend the freedom to choose is sacred, while the choice is morally neutral. In reality, they judge people by the choices they make about abortion as with any other choice. This was brought home to me in Connie Chung's interview with Jesse Jackson's lover, when she asked why the woman had not had an abortion. The supporters of 'choice' may denounce the self-righteousness of the pre-Roe society, but they are doing a great deal to recreate it.

The Catholic Church teaches that a pregnant woman may licitly choose life-saving surgery that results in miscarriage. The Church would not have condemned her had she chosen not to delay her operation. You will not see that respect for choice from the so-called 'pro-choice' lobby.

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