Friday, May 21, 2004

Czech Blarney

I don't buy it. I don't believe that John Kerry might delay accepting the Democratic nomination beyond the July convention in Boston for fundraising reasons.

I refuse to believe that Kerry would break almost two centuries of tradition, annoy the networks who will be interrupting scheduled broadcasts for the convention, outrage the city of Boston, and lose thousands of votes nationally, for--at best--$60 million dollars. Remember that Bush can keep to his schedule and fundraise in July and August, so Kerry would merely stay current with Bush.

No, I think we're hearing this because eight weeks away from the convention, Kerry has no running mate. He can't show up with "Kerry/(tbd)" banners and placards. He doesn't dare accept the nomination without a running mate, and since nobody will take the job, the nomination must be postponed.

The clincher? This postponement announcement comes two days after a cordial, quiet, and seemingly pointless meeting between Kerry and Ralph Nader. Coincidence?

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