Saturday, May 29, 2004

New Warfare II

We’re not razing cities to construct manageable ghettoes.
We’re not relocating the masses to concentration camps.
We’re not issuing internal passports backed by the firing squad.
We’re not eradicating entire classes that might be disloyal.
We’re not executing ten hostages for every soldier killed.
We’re not establishing firing squads to crush political crime.
We’re not imposing a permanent hierarchy obedient to our government.

Rather than use these proven methods for subduing hostile populations, our President is trying to allow the citizens of Iraq to live in their homes, come and go as they please, conduct business as they please, determine their own political alignments, and devise a democratic system in step with their own culture, by such institutions as they deem necessary.
And while they’re doing that, he’s trying to implement a triage government that is intended to terminate itself, while restricting military force as much as possible.

It seems the President really believes in the Christian doctrine of the soul, and the American ideal of individual rights, and he’s actually guided by those beliefs when making policy. People who share those beliefs ought to support his efforts to make them practicable.

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