Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Dowsing With Doonesbury

Gary Trudeau's strip can be a useful measure of left-wing confidence, or humiliation:

Brazen: Direct caricatures of Republicans
Red: Characters interacting with recent events
White: Characters dealing with personal issues
Blue: No fourth wall

I first noticed this when Saddam got captured, and a strong Brazen attack on Bush as a void in a Roman helmet visiting Iraq for Thanksgiving was suddenly dropped for Zonker's talking plants. Quite a bleach job to avoid discussing a signal victory for the President.

(Trudeau used the Bush visit series to mock the notion that terrorists travel: "Gee sir, you mean Baathist guerrillas might strike Ohio?", thus proving that his home planet is so far out that coherent light from 9/11 has not yet arrived.)

Looking over the last month, Trudeau tried to stay Red with BD's lost leg and the month-old casualty list on Memorial Day. But that didn't furnish enough material, with equal time to the White areas of campus corruption and USO tours. Even appearances by Ahnuld as the Gropenfuhrer were at best a weak Brazen, at worst a duck dive over the big stories of the day.
I didn't count a single Bush caricature all month. Now June opens with a solid week of viewer mail.

Deep Blue, two months after the bottom supposedly blew out of Iraq? I believe a corner has been turned...

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