Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Know Your Role

There's a lot of incredulity at President Bush's description of President Chirac as a 'friend'.

This shouldn't suprise anybody who understands how the various American social classes hate people:

Lower Social Class: At 8 p.m. you get together with your friends at your house. You all pitch in for a lot of booze with artificial fruit flavor, and drink from the bottle. Everybody wanders over to the despised's house and you tell them why you hate them so much, at the top of your voice.

Middle Social Class: At 8 p.m. you meet your friends at a watering hole. You each pay by the glass for a lot of booze with pieces of fruit in it. You talk about how much you hate the despised and how glad you are to be nowhere near them.

Upper Social Class: At 8 p.m., by prior invitation, the despised arrives at your house to meet your friends. You offer a lot of booze in designer glassware rubbed with fruit. You smother every hint of loathing with agreeable chitchat.

Presidents have to enjoy being in the third group, while expressing regret at not being in the middle group, and ignoring the first group doing their thing on Pennsylvania Avenue.

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