Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Whitewashing McDougal

With Clinton's new book out, there's a rush to rehabilitate Sarah McDougal, who supposedly was thrown into jail by Kenneth Starr for refusing to help persecute Bubba.

Only she wasn't. Here's a Byron York article from National Review February 19, 2001 that tells it like it was:

Susan McDougal wasn't jailed by Kenneth Starr.
After being convicted of four Whitewater felonies, McDougal was held in contempt by Judge Susan Webber Wright for refusing to testify about Clinton's role in the affair.

Susan McDougal was convicted of felonies unrelated to her testimony.
Her pattern of behavior began in 1995, when she was charged with Whitewater felonies that included mail fraud, misapplication of funds, making false entries in a Small Business Administration report, and making false statements. "I am not going to testify against anybody," McDougal told reporters after pleading not guilty. "They can forget it."...In May 1996, a federal jury convicted Susan McDougal on four felony counts, and in August, she was sentenced to two years in prison.

Susan McDougal served less time in prison than she deserved.
By March 1998, she had served 18 months, the maximum allowed for coercive detention for contempt. Instead of being released, however, she immediately began serving her two-year Whitewater sentence...While she awaited trial on contempt charges, a federal judge released McDougal from prison after she had served just three and a half months of her two-year Whitewater sentence.

Don't hold your breath waiting for any media outlet to print this.

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