Friday, August 20, 2004

Forget "9/10 Candidate"; Kerry is 20th Century

Drudgereport has a developing story that Kerry's campaign is pushing to have the publisher of Unfit for Command withhold publication.

This is the highest form of stupidity. Not only is it petty, it's futile. Hugh Hewitt notes that 966,000 people viewed the Swift Vets site in a single week. A second free chapter of their book is available online.

I doubt Kerry will succeed in pressuring the publisher to withdraw. Apart from the fact that Kerry has been unable to prove the Swift Vets are lying, the book is already a bestseller. A publisher that won't stand up to this sort of pressure will simply lose out on the booming market in political-sniper books.

But even if the publisher caved, the Swift Vets will not. They are not going forward in pursuit of profit. They want their story heard. And they would simply post ALL chapters of the book on their website.

Kerry is plunging headlong towards the fatal day when all questions regarding the Swift Vets will be referred to his lawyers.

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