Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Kerry for SuperSenator

Is it just me, or does Senator Kerry fundamentally misunderstand the office he's running for?

He wants to be elected top representative from this area, so he can form a committee of like-minded peers, and hammer out a consensus on solutions for our problems. He can't give specifics as to those solutions, because those decisions will be made by the committee as a whole, but he can guarantee the broad principles on which those agreements will be made.

Which would be a fine approach for a Senator heading into the Senate. But as head-of-government, President Kerry would have to stand on his own two feet and issue yes/no decisions under his own signature...something he seems very unwilling to do, and has no clear history of doing.

And as American head-of-state among other heads-of-state, President Kerry would have to learn to use third-parties to successfully fulfill his committments...another trait he seems to lack.

If he takes the SuperSenator routine into the debates against this President, he will be crushed.

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