Friday, August 20, 2004

New Swift Vets Ad

Here's the 2nd Swift Boat Veterans for Truth Ad

Here's the official Kerry campaign response:

To: National Desk, Political Reporter

Contact: Chad Clanton or Phil Singer, both of Kerry-Edwards 2004, 202-464-2800; Web:

WASHINGTON, Aug. 20 /U.S. Newswire/ -- Kerry-Edwards campaign spokesman Chad Clanton released the following statement today about the new Swift Boat Veterans for Bush ad:

"This is another ad from a front group funded by Bush allies that is trying to smear John Kerry. The newest ad takes Kerry's testimony out of context, editing what he said to distort the facts. He testified as a 27 year-old Vietnam veteran. He opposed a war that, at that point, cost over 44,000 lives of the 58,245 names that are on the Vietnam Memorial wall. It says a lot that the President refuses to condemn this smear. The American people want to hear how we're going to cut health care costs and strengthen the economy, not smears."

Here's Kerry's testimony to the Senate from which the audio for the ad is taken, so you can decide whether it's out of context.

I don't think it was taken out of context, and the Kerry campaign talk of high Vietnam casualties seems to be a defense of what Kerry was trying to put over. I think Kerry will have to address the substance of these ads instead of just clamoring about a Texas fatcat conspiracy to bring down a po' boy from Martha's Vineyard.

I think most Americans recognize what the antiwar movement did to veterans was despicable--it's the basis of the whole "Support the Troops" attitude--and Kerry had better credibly renounce his role in promoting the 'babykiller' wing of the anti-war movement, or go down in flames on Election Day.

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