Thursday, September 30, 2004

Firm, Assertive Nonsense

The unusual format disconcerted both candidates, but I think Kerry reacted more quickly than the President. Kerry's rebuttals were sharper than his answers, and the format denied Bush an automatic right to respond. He visibly champed at the bit several times.

Lehrer tried to put the "L" word in Kerry's mouth and Kerry was weak in objecting. Clearly he does want people to think Bush lied, whether or not he uses "that word you used".

Bush was also clearly flabbergasted by the bilge that Kerry offered as a foriegn policy:
Iraq, horrible because we didn't have the patience to let the UN slam a door in our face till the hinges fell off.
Iran, horrible because we won't resume direct relations so we can break them off.
Korea, horrible because we won't hold sham talks while doing a backroom deal behind the backs of the Chinese.
Iraq was a bloody mistake that others will line up to join, if we send a salesman with the courage to denounce his own brand.
Terrorists must be pursued wherever they are found, unless it's Iraq, because they're only there until we leave.
The postwar plan in Iraq has failed because we're only halfway through the democracy project and still haven't finished. It must be scrapped for a totally new policy TBA.
The Iraqi War Resolution got Kerry's vote by fraud, he was misled to assume that his advice and consent were in fact executive orders.
Two more divisions must be raised and sent nowhere so that our overstretched military in Iraq and Afghanistan and Bosnia will average out on paper.
Pre-emptive war is an American right, so long as it's OK'd by the same people who denounce it as illegal. But that doesn't mean they get a veto over our foriegn policy.

Kerry did not actually say anything as stupid as the $87 billion quote, or roam around the stage, so he may halt his slide assuming he doesn't repudiate himself, which is sorta like betting on black all evening.

But he's provided the Bush team with plenty of fodder for advertising, where Bush has a clear advantage in terms of talent and financing.

I could follow the arguments, so I give it to Bush. I'm not sure how an undecided would rate it.

More decisively, the Dodgers advance over the Giants. I remain confident of a repeat of 1988: Dodgers in October, a Bush in November.

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