Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Nix to CBS Hearings

I regularly enjoyed listening to Hugh Hewitt's show, but not lately, when he endorses full-blown Congressional hearings to punish CBS for trying to hijack an election.

If what CBS did was criminal, we have the courts. If what they did was contrary to regulations, we have regulatory agencies. If what they did was not contrary to any law, why the hell should they dance attendance to a bunch of outraged Congressmen?

Make no mistake, I think CBS is a pack of rabid jackasses. They continue to lie--I'll rip apart their statement in a later post. They deserve all the ridicule and outrage they've been getting--and that includes angry letters from members of Congress.

But when a Congressional committee is free to compel law-abiding Americans to appear--under penalty of imprisonment--and stand mute before them--under penalty of imprisonment--while they are abused by citizens who happen to have the job of Representative, then the principles of the dignity of citizens and the limited power of the State are abused and degraded.

If such treatment is condoned for a pack of lying incompetent journalists, how long before conservatives suffer it? Remember that we're supposedly inherently racist and bigoted. And we're out for political office; surely racists in political office is a bigger problem than forged memos?

That could come sooner than Prof. Hewitt would like to think. If the hearings are held, Democrats would have an opportunity to subpoena their own witnesses. Hugh Hewitt, for example, makes use of federally licensed airwaves to solicit campaign contributions across state lines. That might be legal, but is it American?

Do we want even a day of that crap?
Then why demand it?

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