Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Rather IDs Burkett as Source?

From the current issue of the New York Observer:

Mr. Rather said that he and his longtime CBS producer, Mary Mapes, had investigated the story for nearly five years, finally convincing a source to give them the National Guard documents. He did not reveal the name of the source, but Mr. Rather said he was a man who had been reluctant to come forth with them because he’d been harassed by political operatives. "Whether one believes it or not, this person believed that he and his family had been harassed and even threatened," he said. "We were not able to confirm that, but his fear was that what had already been threats, intimidation, if he gave up the documents, could get worse—maybe a lot worse."

From today's New York Times:

In a book published this year, "Bush's War for Re-election" by James Moore, Mr. Burkett is quoted as reporting having received numerous death threats, including telephone messages and a bullet with his name on it that he says he found in his mailbox. More recently, he told people that his son's car had been burned.

Burkett lives 21 miles from the Kinko's from which the memos were faxed.

If he's not the source, there must be another person in the area who feels threatened by "political operatives" and is in touch with the media.

The preponderance of the evidence says it's Burkett. Mr. Rather, if you know otherwise, speak out now--for his sake.

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