Monday, October 18, 2004

Hugh Hewitt: Why Bush? Why Not Kerry?

21st-century terrorism takes full advantage of rapid global commerce and communications, the separate jurisdictions of nations, and the diplomatic fiction that dictatorships such as Afghanistan are equal in privilege and dignity to the United States of America.

President Bush has met this new threat by closing the terrorists’ access to international commerce and communications, calling on all nations to pursue terrorists within their own borders, and confronting those that refuse to exert their sovereign power against terrorism.

For Senator Kerry and too many others, this direct and effective response to terrorism disqualifies President Bush from holding office. It fails to conform to a flawed diplomatic process the terrorists have learned to exploit. President Kerry would work with other nations to fight terrorism, to the degree that they are cooperative. He would fail to the degree that other nations such as Iran refuse to cooperate. We would buy that failure with our blood.

As the President said today:
Yet, even the Gulf War coalition in 1991 did not pass Senator Kerry's global test. Even with the United Nations' approval, he voted against removing Saddam Hussein from Kuwait. If that vast, U.N.-supported operation did not pass his test, nothing ever could. Senator Kerry's global test is nothing more than an excuse to constrain the actions of our own country in a dangerous world.

We have a clear choice between a President who wants to secure the broadest victory and a Senator who wants to negotiate the best withdrawal.

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