Saturday, October 16, 2004

I Don't See It Myself

Maybe because I don't have any children, but I don't feel outraged about the Kerry campaign trying to portray Mary Cheney as outcast by her family because of her orientation.

It's a lie, and a pointless lie, and a tasteless lie, but I don't feel that upset over it.

If Kerry never mentioned Mary Cheney, he'd still be the candidate of Saddam "not necessarily" out of power, nuclear fuel for Iran, terrorism back to a "nuisance", six-month pullout, "not a serious coalition", Mr. Secret Plan, Super-Senator committee-builder.

None of which violates 200-year-old rules of power politics, but any of which could get Mary Cheney and a lot of other Americans killed. Including me and you. That's what I get mad about.

And it seems unfair to give the liberals an easy out: Of course Kerry lost, he targeted Cheney's daughter. Any left-wing loon could win the White House, as long as he doesn't spotlight the lesbians or moan into the microphone or act wooden when discussing his wife's rape. Labels don't matter...

Still, in an election decided by people who have seen President Bush govern for four years and still can't make up their minds about him, if sanity prevails because you don't have to lock up your daughters around President Bush, then so be it.


Aaron said...

I'm not totally upset with it either, but what Kerry did do was put words in Mary Cheney's mouth for his own political gain.

As for the easy excuse for liberals, I've already heard some callers to liberal radio shows (Mr. KABC on 790am) already say that if Kerry can't beat Bush it is because Kerry is a bad canidate not because America likes Bush.

The Yell said...

It's begun!

Anonymous said...

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