Thursday, November 18, 2004

Both Use Whitewash, Actually

Drudge tried to argue that Clinton's Library was even more brazen than Nixon's Library at playing fast and loose with the facts.

I've been to Nixon's Library. He's got a twenty minute audio-visual display on Watergate, where a narrator does his darnedest to explain just how misunderstood Nixon was.

The "smoking gun" for example, was just an attempt to keep the FBI apolitical. They've got audio of Nixon explaining that to his diary, after the Watergate scandal broke. "What Nixon actually meant..."

I was there at the same time as a senior citizen tour, and the elderly man listening next to me threw his headphones on the floor.

But Drudge may have a point, since Nixon's Library was privately funded. And Clinton's does resemble a trailer home. And balancing Clinton's legacy over a deep, fast-moving river is probably not the metaphor they wanted...

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