Monday, November 29, 2004

DaVinci Code Cracked

Lex Communis has a fun parody of the DaVinci Code.

I'm not sure why more Protestants aren't angry with the book, since the alleged conspiracy at the Nicene Council would pervert all Christianity. Perhaps they just denounce it as crap, instead of preparing refutations.

Once I read a MAD Magazine parody called "The Fershlugginer Falcon". At the end, after the punk, the dame, and the fat man, have all been gunned down, Spayed ambushes and unmasks the sniper: the bartender from the opening scene...

"Surprised to see me?" he wheezed.
"Not really," I said. "Everybody else is dead."

The DaVinci Code is like that.
Sorry to spoil it for you.
"The Fershlugginer Falcon", I mean.

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