Friday, November 05, 2004

From Deep Left Field

Paul Krugman:
The resurgence of Al Qaeda, the debacle in Iraq, the explosion of the budget deficit and the failure to create jobs weren't things that just happened to occur on Mr. Bush's watch. They were the consequences of bad policies made by people who let ideology trump reality.

...But Democrats are not going to get the support of people whose votes are motivated, above all, by their opposition to abortion and gay rights (and, in the background, opposition to minority rights). All they will do if they try to cater to intolerance is alienate their own base.

...Rather than catering to voters who will never support them, the Democrats - who are doing pretty well at getting the votes of moderates and independents - need to become equally effective at mobilizing their own base.

In fact, they have made good strides, showing much more unity and intensity than anyone thought possible a year ago. But for the lingering aura of 9/11, they would have won.

There's a lot of material to work with in just four paragraphs!

The phrase "ideology trump reality" better describes an economist who doesn't see 16 months of consecutive job growth, including 337,000 in October 2004 alone; a political writer who misses the consistent political development in Iraq, and the disruption of Al-Qaeda around the world.

If the secret motivation driving Republican opposition to abortion and homosexuality is racial intolerance, then why are increasing numbers of ethnic minorities siding with the GOP on those issues? What dark bigotry drives them?

It’s ridiculous to look at an election where more people voted than ever before, and turnout was its highest in 36 years, and the victor won 51% of the vote, and claim you lost because your base wasn’t out there on Election Day.
It’s self-destructive to label a majority of American voters as bigots lashing out, sheep fleeing imaginary (but “resurgent”?) threats.

It’s instructive that Krugman clearly doesn’t think the conservatives are the party’s base; moderates and independents aren’t the Democrat base; who’s left?

But to hell with it! To hell with 59 million Americans who won’t change their minds anyhow! Write off anybody who cares about winning in Iraq, roaring job growth, fighting terrorism, heterosexual marriage, banning partial-birth abortion and abortion on demand for any nubile female, absolute institutional equality as guaranteed by the 14th Amendment, and all that other crap!

Remember that ostrich/eagle ad? Exactly backwards.

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