Monday, November 15, 2004

Gallic Froth

This is rich.

Chirac wants us to mind our place, at the same time he wants us to hammer out a Mideast peace plan? You wanna sit at the big table with the USA as an equal, go out and win your own Nobel Peace Prize.

Sheesh, Jimmy Carter does people a favor and they mistake it for a permanent duty.

I could see saying Rumsfeld lacks sense, or observation, or even sanity or sobriety, but calling him out on a lack of culture? Should he listen to more Wagner? It can't be about the hair, not with Chirac...

Maybe Chirac doesn't remember two years ago, when he told half the continent that it missed a good chance to remain silent on Iraq.
To us rubes, telling somebody to shut up and look pretty indicates a rift.

Chirac once worked as a soda-jerk at a Howard Johnson's. There's a great commercial in that. For Holiday Inn.

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