Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I Regret The Wasted Bullet

I don't understand Hugh Hewitt's complaint that NBC "provided aid and comfort to the enemy" by airing video of a US marine shooting a wounded Iraqi in the head, since apparently that video is entirely negative and can only provide a gold mine of propoganda to the enemy.

First of all, if doing something to piss off the Arab street is treason, Hewitt the Christian author and Bush supporter would make the Ten Most Wanted list.

Secondly, the Arab street is aroused by Israeli walls, bare legs, Johnny Walker billboards, and women drivers. Worrying about arousing Islamist fanatics is like worrying about arousing pedophiles: they've got irrational standards that cannot be rationally appeased.

And yes: I compare anybody who'd slit a girl's throat for not wearing a scarf, with a pedophile.

Bush holding the Thanksgiving turkey was useful propoganda if you transpose it with images of burning cities.
Read the press reports, they all have Muslims outraged that we shot the guy in a mosque. Why was that? Did we capture those men in the suburbs, truck them into a mosque and then shoot them? No, we fight in mosques because that's where the bad guys hole up and shoot from. The Arab street doesn't care: we desecrated a mosque. Pfui.

We should fine any American one penny for providing such yahoos with the rant of the day?

Third, I'm getting sick of hearing everybody run away from this video.

From the tape I don't see him offering to surrender, and to the experienced Marines, he wasn't incapacitated to the point that he posed no threat. In that situation I'll back the Marine every time. They're not peace officers, they're warriors.

I also hear American commentators shocked, shocked, that the Marine appeared to quip "He's dead now" after pulling the trigger.
Are we to expect Marines to shoot our enemies like the boy in Old Yeller, with a trembling hand and a tearful eye?

"Oppose us, and die a dog's death". Now, there's a message for the Arab street.

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