Monday, November 08, 2004

If We Wreck Ourselves, We Lose On Our Own Terms!

That about sums up the case for Specter's chairmanship, as made by the partisans.


PS: Hugh Hewitt is asking today: what if we try the nuclear option and Specter's been insulted and other moderates vote with him against the GOP and cloture fails?

The answer is, the same result as if Specter is confirmed and other moderates vote with him against the GOP and cloture fails.

In his comments last Wednesday, his statement Friday, over the weekend, and yesterday with Judy Woodruff, Specter continues to insist that the Democrat filibusters are a political reality that the GOP has to accept.
I don't call that offering leadership against the illegitimate and atraditional filibusters of judicial nominees. I don't even call it a condemnation of the practice.

Speaking of seeking cover, I think it is Specter who is seeking the cover of the filibuster; so that he can shrug his shoulders and say, "Well, I tried"--as he's done for the past two years.

A lot of us detect the stench of bad leadership emanating from the GOP Senate: "Well, of course we would win, but do we really want to pay the price? What if the Democrats are sore losers?"

How bout we whup them every time?

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