Monday, November 08, 2004

'Nuke' the Moderates

I remain opposed to a Specter chairmanship. I saw his remarks with Judy Woodruff and am not impressed. He continues to describe the judicial filibuster as a fact of life.

Destruction of the judicial filibuster should be a GOP priority in this Congress. The "nuclear option" was dropped to buy votes for GOP legislation--a clear sellout-- and should be resumed. If Dems try to filibuster it, make it a general filibuster so that nothing is resolved until they quit. Meet them head-on and break them!

The imminent retirement of Supreme Court Justices will not likely recur for another decade at the earliest. An ever growing number of federal seats remain vacant. We must be poised to take full advantage of these opportunities, not only to restrain judicial activism, but to prevent the greater outrage of submission to foriegn legal theories.

Without the filibuster, and with a firm conservative as Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, our nominees can be passed without a single Democratic vote, and we could lose up to 5 Republican votes on each nominee and still win through with the Vice-President's vote.

We have everything to gain by aggressively pursuing our agenda and marginalizing the moderate fringe with the opposition.

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