Thursday, November 04, 2004

Stop the Autovoxiphiliac Jackassertarian

From The Corner:
SPECTER: THIS IS WHAT TO DO [Kathryn Jean Lopez]
Frist knows our beef (probably painfully well). Call your Republicans senators. When they meet on leadership posts (next week), they can vote against extending the judiciary chairmanship to Specter. Here's the Senate website. Call and email. (I'll get you a straight list of all the numbers and emails just as soon as possible.) I think that transcript emphasises Specter does not have the conservative temperment or instincts to be judiciary chairman. Why, after yesterday's victory, would the majority party put in place such a huge obstacle, just because of tradition?

The Corner has a transcript of Specter's comments. Despite the damage-control spin from Specter's office (also on the site), it's actually worse than I thought.

Not only does Specter state that Roe v Wade is as firmly unchallengeable as Brown v Board of Education, he believes the constitutionally dubious and historically baseless Democrat filibusters are facts-of-life the President must consider when making nominations.

And Specter indeed did belittle the entire Supreme Court:
ODOM: Senator, the judges you mentioned are obviously renown. Are you saying that there are no greatness on there, is that what you're driving at?

SPECTER: Yes. Can you take yes for an answer Vernon? I'm saying that we don't have anybody of the stature of Oliver Wendell Holmes, or Willy Brandeis, or Cardozo, or Marshall. That's what I'm saying. I'm saying that we have a court which they're graduates from the Court of Appeals from the District of Columbia basically, some other Circuit Courts of Appeals. I think that we could use, and I am repeating myself again, a Holmes or a Brandeis.

Read the whole transcript. You can just see the journalists with their tongues hanging out, as the Senator destroys his own reputation for the love of the sound of his own voice.

We might as well have let Daschle back, if his desperate tactics and abortion-on-demand platform will be perpetuated by our Judiciary Committee chairman.

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