Saturday, November 27, 2004

Up From The Deep Freeze

It's interesting what working the graveyard shift can do to your knowledge of current events.

Iraq seems to be mastering democratic government; from viewing CNN headline news on my shift, the big question in Iraq is "Will Democracy Look Bad To Its Critics?" not "When Allawi Goes To The Wall Who'll Be In Line Behind Him?"
Big News From Iraq: People Who Don't Make the Decisions Demand Different Decision. Clear proof they are absorbing our political system.

Ukraine is in ferment over elections; its voters clog the streets like USC/Notre Dame fans, awaiting resolution.

Hugh Hewitt wants us to boycott Target because they pushed the Salvation Army off the sidewalk.
I am bothered with Hugh's reasoning for two reasons.
First, when I go gift shopping I think of a gift or category of gift (home electronic gadget) and then I go to whatever store I am sure has it in stock. I don't go to the mall and browse. Boycotting a store makes little sense to me, I don't think of a store at all until I consider where to make my definite purchase.

Second, it reminds me too much of quasi-socialism I saw up in Minnesota when the Twins wanted to move: I have childhood memories of the corporation, so I have a voice in its affairs.
Hugh said that Target's donation to St. Jude's Children's Hospital did not balance pushing a "faith-based organization" to the curb, and besides the Salvation Army actually puts money to feed the needy whereas St. Jude is just medical research.
Not quite: St. Jude's research is slashing the mortality rates of childhood cancer; their budget includes inpatient care for indigent cancer patients, and it's named St. Jude because of a religious pledge to the patron of lost causes.
I don't think either is inappropriate for Target.

Anyhow I'll symbolically join the boycott, as I'm not going to buy anything this year beyond cards, what with being unemployed for ten months.


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