Sunday, November 07, 2004

What a Suprise

France sinks deeper into a quagmire in its former colonial empire.

The US mission in Iraq is in the tradition of British conservative intervention a la Palmerston and Churchill: Pick a side, back it to the hilt. Our mission is to break the back of the insurgency so that the national government we support prevails through the whole country.

Whereas France has got itself in a real quagmire, a peacekeeping operation where all factions remain present but are supposed to be kept nonviolent. Since tensions have to be pretty high for a civil war to erupt at all, the French have no support for their UN-mandated stalemate and must be prepared for violence from all sides--which despite MSM propaganda to the contrary, is not true of US troops in Iraq.

Bon chance, Jacques! Our troops in Iraq are fighting for a win, not a draw. Wanna bet who finishes the mission first?

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