Thursday, November 04, 2004

Won One With The Gipper?

When the Republicans stormed the House of Representatives in 1994, the Democrats refused to acknowledge the power of the Contract with America. Instead they scrambled for a politically harmless explanation, such as sympathy for Reagan after he announced his retirement in ill health.

I thought that was silly then.

But this year, I think the massive week-long eulogy of Reagan did have a subtle effect favorable to Bush.

I don't think people suddenly viewed Bush as the obvious heir to Reagan's legacy.

I think the near universal praise and salute to Reagan as a national hero undermined the fever-swamp propaganda.

This year, they couldn't declare a devoutly religious, prolife, tax-cutting, global crusader Republican was an obvious threat to the American way of life.
This year, it did no good to spin tax relief as creating a decade of suffering.
This year, it wasn't enough to claim America could not change the world or "fight an idea".

Clinton proved that a majority of Americans could be persuaded to thinking these fallacies were true.
But not this year, the year we celebrated Reagan.

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