Sunday, December 12, 2004

Saddam Aides Go On Junk-Food-Diet Strike

Tariq Aziz and pals have started refusing the prison menu to raise awareness: They don't accept the new Iraqi government:

"Some of the other 11 high-value detainees have been rejecting food, although they continue to snack and to take on liquids," Lieutenant Colonel Barry Johnson, who has charge of prisoners in Iraq, told Reuters. "We're trying to ascertain who is turning their food back and why."

"Saddam has eaten today," he added.

Former deputy prime minister Tareq Aziz, once Saddam's urbane envoy to the outside world, and former vice-president Taha Yassin Ramadan were among dozens refusing food, Aziz's lawyer said. Nearly all of the 55 "most wanted" Iraqis sought by U.S. troops after the war are held at a secret location.

Aref Badia said they were complaining of lack of access to lawyers -- Badia has yet to meet his client Aziz in detention -- and were concerned that they may be placed physically in the hands of Iraqis following the country's election on Jan. 30. "They heard they are going to be handed over after the elections to an Iraqi government they will not recognise," Badia said.

Of course this is reported as a full-blown hunger strike.
Back in the 1980s that meant total starvation until the prisoner was too weak to resist IV nutrition.
Today it means "snacks and liquids". After all, a fellow's got to look after himself.

Captain's Quarters has a good piece on Vatican lawyers for Aziz. With that kind of support in the wings, do not expect to read that Aziz has killed himself demonstrating his total loyalty to Saddam.

Unless to snack and to take on liquids means chili-cheese-fries and Heffenweisen...

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