Monday, December 20, 2004


Long pause between posts!

I've been thrashing out something regarding liberal opposition to religious morality. Hugh Hewitt, Powerline and Captains Quarters are discussing similar topics.

Master of None suggests abortion in case of incest or rape is okay.
Big question: at what point would the government accept that a rape had occurred? When a guilty verdict is returned, when an indictment is handed down, when DNA shows paternity of a suspect? Or would it not most likely be, as soon as a woman filed a complaint of rape against an unknown assailant?
If so, what's the real difference between that and abortion-on-demand?

The media has deigned to allow President Bush to speak at length about his first term and his plans for his second. It's too bad you have to wait until after the election to see this sort of reporting. I will have to review the conference to see if the President made any mention of Joe Biden's tantrum this weekend.

Enjoy your holidays!

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