Thursday, December 09, 2004

What Do I Owe You?

Captains Quarter's is disappointed in Jason Van Beek. Van Beek, a blogger from South Dakota, received $8000 from the Thune senatorial campaign. Captain Ed thinks Van Beek was obligated to highlight that financial support on his blog.

The argument is not that Van Beek compromised his ["impartiality"- ed.]--he had none. The argument is that he compromised his independence, by taking $8000 from one political party--and against that charge, his history of opposing Daschle long before being paid as a consultant is directly relevant.
He did not oppose Daschle because he was paid $8000. He was paid $8000 for effectively opposing Daschle.

Is there any question that Van Beek was insincere about supporting Thune? Then isn't it just about the failure to conform to the standards of another profession?

CBS is regulated by the FCC, FEC, and SEC. It must promote full disclosure and a pretense at objectivity because of its professional code, and the federal laws drafted around that code.
Bloggers are not a profession, have few rules of conduct, and are not federally regulated. We don't pretend to be unbiased and the overwhelming majority earn our living elsewhere than posting op-eds on the internet. It is foolish for us to adopt their restrictions just because they, the professionals, must endure them.

I don't even post my name on this blog anymore, at the request of The Yell Sr., because we both now reside in Riverside. None of my readers know if I write this because I was paid to, or because I wanted to, or because I am a prisoner forced by No. 2 to blog when possible.

So what?

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