Sunday, January 16, 2005

Adopting an Ethos

Hugh Hewitt and Captain's Quarters are playing blog tennis over the revelation that the Daily Kos was paid to blog for Dean.

Dean seems to have made a shrewd deal for himself; not only did he pay a mere $3000, but he purchased not only Kos' positive support, and Kos' promise to avoid praising any other Democrat. Not bad for $3000.

Hugh seems to think that anybody posting politically ought to avoid taking payments from political figures.

Why? That would seem to be the ethics of journalism; but bloggers aren't journalists. Never will be either, unless we start submitting our copy to a trained editorial board for review and correction prior to publication.

Hugh likes to tout the creation of a blog by a vice-president of GM. I would be greatly suprised if that blog ever recommends a Toyota truck as the summer's sweetest ride. Does that bias make the blog less than respectable, or unreadable?

I reject adopting the ethical code of an alien profession. We bloggers are not fulfilling a professional role in an orderly society; we are the digital equivalent of the man on the corner with handful of pamphlets.

I was not paid to write this post. I claim.

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