Wednesday, January 05, 2005

FT: UN to Overreach Itself

That's not how the Financial Times puts it, of course.

The Times pretends that the USA overreached itself, shamefully launching the massive tsunami relief project ASAP without the UN blue.

Diplomad has been doing an excellent job showing how useless the UN has been to this point. A clue to the handover may be the last line of the FT article: the USA may want nothing to do with "long-term" development projects in mildly-hostile countries.

This will do nothing to improve the relief project; let's hope it doesn't hinder.


Anonymous said...

Did ya feel those erfquakes this morning? Wonder if it sloshed any ducks out of Lake Evans. And I wouldn't trust the U.N. to handle that before reserving the boathouse for lengthy discussion of rescue operations and guaranteed catering by Simple Simon's.

The Yell said...

Oh yeah I felt them. As the sole clerk on duty on a Fontana hotel 2miles from the epicenters, I had the joy of explaining what-the hell-was-that to several dozen people.
It's funny how many nonCalifornians think our earthquake safety instructions are a practical joke...

When its all over, I am sure the UN will be able to explain to us what we should have been doing in the time we wasted conferring with the UN about yielding control. This will be presented as proof that we should just hand over the reins without any delay next ime.