Saturday, January 29, 2005

Full Circle

"What about British democracy?" Edmondson asked.... what does it mean to have labor men now at the center of government?" I ask.

"It means national socialism is coming out of it," says Kennedy flatly.

..."Democracy is finished in England. It may be here. Because it comes to a question of feeding people. It's all an economic question. I told the President in the White House last Sunday, 'Don't send me 50 admirals and generals. Send me a dozen real economists.'

...Wasn't aid to England likely to draw us in, as in 1917, asked Edmondson, mentioning Walter Millis' "Road to War."

No," said Kennedy positively. "Not if we know the answer. Not if we are coldly realistic and for America all the time. If they ask us to get in more than is safe for us, we ask them, 'What do you want us to do? How can we send troops over when Hitler has the ports? Why do you ask for men when you haven't called up all your eligible men? If they want us to patrol the Atlantic by taking our navy out of the Pacific, we answer that would bring a howl clear across America to California. If they want aviators, what ships are they going to fly in? As to ships, we haven't got any. I know about ships. We couldn't send an army anywhere right now. It would be senseless to go in. What would we be fighting for?"

This isn't Senator Ted Kennedy in 2005.
It's his dad, Ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy, in 1940.

Eerie, and sad.

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