Monday, January 31, 2005

A Good Day For Whistling

I started blogging back in May 2004, out of frustration at the wave of defeatism over Iraq that threatened to break the War on Terror.

Today I enjoy not only the actual first fruits of the Iraqi occupation, but the unexpected "perceptual" harvest in the US media.

The press is acknowledging--happily in some cases, grudgingly in others--that Iraq is not a total failure, a quagmire, a lost cause, a false hope, "Mr. Bush's War" or any of the other drivel that reached such a pitch last year.

Instead, we are shown to have a clear objective, a positive political goal, the sort of goal we did not set in Vietnam, and we are achieving it with the overt, enthusiastic support of a majority of the Iraqi population.

The debate about "end game" in Iraq will go on--but I think we have, for the first time, clear empirical proof of the victory of the 'hearts and minds' to throw back at the defeatists who continue to yearn for another 'Cronkite moment' in the Iraq war.

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