Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Jack Straw Stumbles Out the Gate

The Daily Telegraph has an AFP release on a new foriegn policy initiative by the Blair government.
Mr Straw had produced a 200-page dossier that ruled out military action and made the case for a "negotiated solution" to thwart Iran's suspected ambition to produce nuclear weapons, The Sunday Times said.
American military action, that is.
It said a peaceful solution led by Britain, France and Germany was "in the best interests of Iran and the international community", while referring to "safeguarding Iran's right to the peaceful use of nuclear technology".
Already a dead duck. The USA recognizes that as long as Iran sponsors global terrorism, allowing them a nuclear program is the same as giving nukes to Hezbollah.

The Anglo-Franco-German bloc has already tried to resolve the Iranian nuclear tangle, and failed. Iran, after accepting the Western powers' guarantees of its soveriegnity and future deliveries of nuclear material, "clarified" the deal after the envoys returned to Europe by insisting that Iran would build its own reactor and produce its own fuel for its own peaceful purposes. I'd call that failure by the Europeans, since up to that point they said their mission was to keep Iran out of the nuclear club.

If the AFP report is accurate, the British government at least is ready to throw in the towel, and sees its mission for 2005 to push the US to swallow the Iranian "clarification" as an acceptable resolution.


A friendly word to our allies: Next time you set out to make President Bush reverse American policy towards a terrorist state, keep the prospectus under 20 pages. It's wrong to waste so much paper.

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