Friday, January 28, 2005

What Abortion Compromise?

So Senator Clinton wants credit for finding "common ground" on abortion?

From what I've read, it starts with everybody agreeing to maintain Roe v. Wade and guaranteed abortion. Then, we agree that teen "celibacy" involves both abstinence and sex with prophylactics, and promote both at the same time.

Some people like Hindrocket at Powerlineblog think this is a winner. It probably will have powerful appeal to middle-of-the-road Republicans who run in fear from the abortion debate, as well as hardcore Donkey-wonks eager for any leverage in 2006.

But it has nothing for people opposed to abortion and promiscuity on moral grounds. And those moral objections are the reason there's a political argument about those things in the first place.

I don't think any more of this "middle-ground" argument in 2005 than when I first heard in in 1997, but it is encouraging to see proabortionists feel the need to maneuver.

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