Monday, February 07, 2005

Patriots Need An Exit Strategy

Last night we saw the Patriots "win" the Superbowl. Now they're "champions" of the NFL.

But all the parades and speeches can't hide the steady stream of casualties, young men whose bodies bear the mark of failed policies and poor planning.

Despite their hyped reputation, the Patriots find no shortage of people signing up to fight them. Indeed, there are dozens of training camps to sign on thousands of recruits to take on the Patriots in 2005.

For every guy dropped on the playing field, there are a hundred high school teenagers eager to take their place.

The Patriots like to boast that they'll handle all comers; but the truth is that they dare not let anybody take off the uniform. And hundreds of supposed college "volunteers" will be caught up in a back-door draft.

And why? So a handful of monopolists can make a few billion.

The Patriots need to fire their coaches and get honest leaders with the courage to face the truth: that they can win every battle and still lose the war; that they can be undefeated and still be hated throughout the country; that they will have to fight as long as they are in the NFL, because they are in the NFL.

The Patriots need to leave the NFL before they're forced out. Let them come home.

You won't hear anybody talk this way about the Superbowl. If only that were true about the wars we are winning in Iraq and Afghanistan...

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