Thursday, February 03, 2005

Reviewing the Candidates

Senator Kerry was on Meet the Press this weekend, and was asked whether the elections in Iraq gave legitimacy to the democracy project.

Kerry responded that it provided "a kind of legitimacy".

Contrast that with the President's words on Wednesday:
In any nation, casting your vote is an act of civic responsibility; for millions of Iraqis, it was also an act of personal courage, and they have earned the respect of us all.

I'm not surprised that Bush won, I'm surprised that someone as vacillating as Kerry got as far as he did.

Another surprise is the recent poll numbers, giving support for the President's Iraq policy at 86% and support for his Social Security plan at 66%. Fleeting highs, but a tough sell for Democrats whose plan for Iraq is "Bug out!" and for Social Security is "What, me worry?"

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