Monday, February 07, 2005

Say It Ain't So

I'm starting to get annoyed with the hunt for Eason Jordan.

Yeah, I know he slandered the military.
Yeah, I know he lied and said US troops target journalists in Iraq.
Yeah, I know no MSM outlet is covering this story.
Yeah, I know many in the MSM think the worst of our military and would tend to believe Jordan's slander.

But there's a simpler reason why this story gets no airtime: 99% of the American people have never heard of Eason Jordan.

Unknown Network Hack Defames GIs does not sell classified ads.

Instead of asking "What's Jordan done?" the first response of the public would be "Who's Jason Jordan, and why'd you mispell his first name?"

I don't blame the MSM for dodging the heavy lifting required for this one.

Yup, I remember Rathergate. But people knew who Dan Rather was, and 60 Minutes was also well known, and they used air time to pitch baloney to a continent.

Whereas Jordan is nobody and was speaking to a relatively obscure economic conference. (Which by the way, looks a lot like the Merv Griffin Show. It's got actresses and Congressmen and network pundits; does any actual economics get discussed at this conference?)

The head of CNN hates America and says so overseas: well, we been knowing that for twenty years, since Ted Turner founded the sucker.

What's got me really annoyed is Captain Ed's call for Congressional hearings. Hugh Hewitt made a similar cry at the height of Rathergate.

That is downright unAmerican, gents. If network flacks do lousy work, and you have been wronged, sue them civilly. If they've done lousy work and violated the law, prosecute them criminally. If they've done lousy work and run afoul of regulations, punish them administratively.

If they've just done lousy work without committing any tort, regulatory transgression, or crime, it's none of the government's damn business.

The last thing this country needs is a return to the stock and pillory and bills of attainder.
When an American citizen can be hauled onto the floor of Congress, under penalty of imprisonment, and forced to stand mute, under penalty of imprisonment, and be told "You suck!" by a bunch of citizens who just happen to have the job of elected representative, then we have destroyed the concept of equality and limited government and the sovereignity of the People.

I begin to suspect some bloggers of wanting to turn the blogosphere onto the MSM so that the blogosphere becomes the MSM, and enjoys the privileges of the MSM. I begin to suspect they would devour their enemies as to absorb their enemies' hype and hoopla into their own bodies, in the manner of certain tribal warriors.

I have no such ambitions. As I have posted elsewhere, I as a blogger am not a journalist but a cheap digital version of that guy with a handful of pamphlets on the street corner. I will settle for the few golden momements when somebody views my screed and puts it in their pocket instead of the gutter.

And I caution my e-bretheren from atop my crate: when you ask the Abyss to look into your enemies, the Abyss looks into you. And you're a conservative, and therefore a priori a bigot, a homophobe, a racist and a war criminal, and you use interstate communications to spew that garbage, and that puts you right behind the 8-ball.

I would not see Rather or Jordan on the House floor, because I would not see Cap'n Ed or Hugh Hewitt on the House floor. And they are building a gibbet upon which they may yet dangle.

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