Monday, April 11, 2005

Novak Raps NYT's Knuckles

Robert Novak, in the Chicago Sun-Times, questions the integrity of farming out an op-ed request to Republicans--but only anti-DeLay Republicans:
According to [Christopher] Terrell, [NYT staffer Tobin] Harshaw's e-mail suggested [former Rep. Bob] Livingston might want to write ''a short op-ed on DeLay's political future.'' Terrell said he telephoned Harshaw, saying his boss would ''write a favorable piece,'' then asked: ''Is that really what you're seeking or is that what you would print?''

It clearly was not. While Harshaw asserted ''we would welcome any thoughts'' by Livingston, Terrell quoted him as saying ''we are seeking those who would go on the record or state for the good of the party he (DeLay) should step aside.''
Novak opines that such overstretch has actually consolidated the GOP behind DeLay.

DeLay is in the limelight, at this time, because of his efforts on behalf of Terry Schiavo. The "revelations" that large firms with lobbyists in Washington have hired DeLay's relatives seems awfully coincidental with the Representative's stand on principle.

By the way, what exactly could any of the members of Congress with relatives so employed, including Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California) do to prevent it?

Require all their close relatives earn hourly salaries?

Permit the House Ethics Committee to exercise a veto over their hiring?

Demand the resignation of the member of Congress involved?

Seems to be fairly murky waters here for the House of Representatives...which is why nobody is calling for general reform, at most they want DeLay to remove himself quietly...

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