Saturday, April 16, 2005

Open Letter to Senators

Jeffrey King at Three Bad Fingers has composed open letters to Republican senators, grouping them by their likely votes.
John McCain will not be pleased.

Since Jeffrey has asked other bloggers to compose and send open letters I'll add my own.

I'm writing to urge your support for a procedural vote to ban any filibuster of confirmation votes of judicial nominees.

The clear intent of the authors of the Constitution was that Congress create as many courts as it deemed necessary; that these courts be fully and competently staffed; that the President of the United States nominate judges and that the United States Senate vote to confirm or reject the Presidential nominee, with a simple majority vote.

The recent filibuster by the Democrat minority is a blatant attempt to impose partisan politics into the nonpartisan interaction of the three branches of government. The Constitution does not stipulate the existence of any political faction. The Constitution does not require a bipartisan consensus to maintain the operation of the federal judiciary.

By voting to deny the filibuster to the current partisan minority, and all future minorities, you make clear that the privileges of the Senate are subordinate to its constitutional duties.

I'm not one of your constituents, but am writing you because the Senators from my state are committed to frustrating the smooth operation of the judiciary. Sen. Boxer went so far as to publicly insist that a two-thirds majority was more sensible than a simple majority for judicial appointments, demonstrating that the Democrat opposition is both cognizant and indifferent to the unconstitutional nature of their radical design.

I hope that you will move swiftly and firmly to correct this aberrant policy, and allow the President to fill vacancies with qualified nominees.

Robert Novak is reporting that Frist has the votes. Let's hope so.

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