Thursday, May 26, 2005

Delayed Reaction To the Deal

Well, I'm no longer choking down bile regarding the Senate filibuster compromise.

I still think it is a horrible deal. There was no reason for the Senate to avoid the nuclear option. I don't see horrendous relations between the Republicans and Democrats as any sort of negative for the country.

The terms of the deal represent a total abandonment of any sense of duty, loyalty or discipline by the 14 Senators beyond their own twisted sense of power. It is unconstitutional to insist the President consult losers, or winners, in the Senate before suggesting names. I would have thought they were too busy to sift the literally hundreds of names up for consideration, anyhow.

And the memorandum is so badly written, that you can't firmly define the terms with regard to any nominee--even the nominees named in the memo.

But what is becoming more clear, as the days go on, is that both left and right hate this compromise, precisely because it resolves nothing. It simply sets out the result of the next three judicial nominations, casts serious doubt on two more. Neither party leader promises to abide by the terms.

This contemptible demarche has given the GOP three judges, and once they are fixed, it is up to all of us to stoke the fires again so that a final resolution does develop.

I'm agreeing with the Not-One-Dime crowd--except they're too narrowly focused. No more soft money to any GOP group until we win on judicial appointments.

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