Thursday, May 05, 2005

Enough Already

Having fought down a horrible fever and chest cold, I spy news on Hugh Hewitt's site that has me all naseous again.

Something called "United Americans for Separation of Church and State" is after the Air Force Academy. Seems the Academy is guilty of the horrendous crimes of: encouraging prayer to specific deities, encouraging prayer in the locker room, encouraging prayer for cadets who choose to be absent from religious services, and encouraging cadets to imagine God as supportive of their tenure in the Academy.

The group has a laundry list of court cases decrying all these practices as highly illegal.

I think it's time, way past time actually, for Congress to declare the federal courts have no jurisdiction in cases involving voluntary prayer services. Judges apparently don't dare ban public prayer outright, but instead impose a thousand split-hair definitions and decisions in the attempt to create fair, impartial, non-offensive prayer. Well, it can't be done.

Let's stop pretending that there's a fair, neutral way for most people in a room to acknowledge submission to an ultimate deity that won't offend the few others who don't share in the wording or forms of that submission, or submit themselves to another deity, or who hold no submission to any deity at all. You can't stop that grumbling, but we can save government time and money by keeping the debate purely private.

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