Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Keep On Truckin'

Insomnia is like tripping while running. You don't collapse immediately, you stagger a while first.

After four days of Minnesota Spring here in Southern California, I came down with a bad sinus infection. I've finally beat it, but it kept me from getting any sleep on Monday. Tuesday, I was able to catch about five hours of sleep in short stretches, and today I was down for about ten hours.

So I've just had snippets of contact with the outside world. Some passing thoughts:
Is it just me, or is the attempted assassination of an American President with military explosives already merely the answer to a trivia question? I think more attention was paid to the onions thrown at Vice-President Nixon when he went to Panama in the 1950s.

Robert A. Heinlein once wrote that an author should always let an editor have a chance to piss in the submission, as he'll like the flavor better. It seems to apply to the United States Senate as well. Simply exercising the nuclear option is apparently too crude to accept. We've got the Broder compromise, the Reid compromise, the Frist compromise, the alleged McCain compromise, and probably another five or six proposals before something concrete is contemplated. Senate Republicans apparently agree with Senate Democrats that good government means everybody has fun. If the Republicans actually did have fun during the years of Democrat majority, it is a further indictment of them.

From what I've seen in Iraq, none of the networks has any teams in the field for Operation Matador. All the correspondents are reporting from downtown Baghdad. Is that the military's policy, or the press'?

Thankfully I will have all day tomorrow to rest up.

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