Monday, May 23, 2005

Seems I Was Right

about the low value of Newsweek's Periscope feature.

Ben Bradlee, former Newsweek DC chief-editor, in Editor & Publisher:
As someone who had written Periscope stories in the past, Bradlee said he was skeptical about the weekly feature, which offers short items in the magazine's front pages. "I'm not a great fan of that art form," he told E&P. "It's a little gimmicky, it's a packaging tool." He said when he was at the magazine, in the early to mid-1960s, writers who submitted Periscope briefs were paid $5 per item, "or a bottle of booze."

"The cry would go out on Saturday, 'We need Periscopes! We need Periscopes!'" he recalled. "If it was really good, it was worth more than a Periscope. If you couldn't prove it, it was worth a Periscope."

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