Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Sith Is Bananas

The Daily Blitz warned me, but I went ahead and saw the Revenge of the Sith with my friends.

We agreed that it could have been an hour shorter, and better, by dropping every scene with Padme and Anakin.

I'll agree with Jheka, that it wasn't anywhere near as bad as Episode One, but it wasn't that good, either.

There was a lot crammed into the plot, a great deal of traveling from planet to planet and battle to battle. I wonder how the new trilogy would have been if Lucas had made all three films explore the period of Anakin's adulthood and conversion to the Dark Side. It seemed too rushed.

Still, I had a good afternoon with my friends, and a B movie is a lot better after a quart of cold beer and two pounds of steak.

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Tired of Liberal Bs said...

Alright I am 100% opposite of you on this one. I thought it was great. The few minutes between the two I could have done without, but it lead into the story. Not even in the same league as 1 and 2. Maybe we should go see it together again and compare