Saturday, May 07, 2005

Stars and Stripes Forever

California Conservatives for Truth has updates on those lousy Channel 62 billboards.

The ad, depicting Los Angeles' skyline with a Mexico D.F. monument and placing it in Mexico instead of the state of California, is a visualization of Aztlan. Aztlan is the focus of a racial-political cult as sinister as the neofascist Meiji Shinto-emperor cult, a perverted ethnic history that preaches la raza can share no political loyalties outside its own mythical glories. And that definitely includes loyalty to the United States.

Read more about it here, from La Voz de Aztlan himself.

Sadly for the health of the United States, the Democratic Party is being coopted by supporters of this separatist screed-- supporters like CA Lieutenant Governor Cruz Bustamente and state Senator Gil Cedillo. Other Democrats may not know what is being shouted in Spanish at the MeCha rallies. These men know, and are wholly supportive. Shame on them.

Once more, the Republican Party becomes the party of Union against the forces of secession and racial polity.

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