Monday, June 06, 2005

Beyond Stupid II: Me

I really must have been tired last month.

I missed my own first blog anniversary!

What a difference a year makes. When I started this blog, in frustration over rampant defeatism, I was out of work and seeking to hone some computer skills as well as justify days spent online waiting for the phone to ring.

Today, I'm probably over-employed. It's difficult for me to post coherently on a daily basis. I work graveyard shift and live back with my folks (for now, though there are rumblings on the horizons about a migration of Notre Dame alumni into some 3-4 bedroom home in the Inland Empire).

I've learnt--and forgotten--quite a bit of HTML, joined a blogger league, and this summer will actually start attending some of its events.

Bush won his second election and is winning our second war. Terrorism is in retreat, democracy is on the march, and we have a new Pontiff.

The Dodgers begin the long road back. The Giants minus Magilla Gorilla are not even a sick parody of a contender. Neener neener!

The year ahead, for myself and the country as a whole, looks to continue to be prosperous.

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