Sunday, June 05, 2005

Beyond Stupid

The UK is going to start taxing motorists per mile travelled.

I'm just an ignorant Yank, but I notice this is a totally new idea in Britain.
Meaning, they didn't do it in WWII.
Meaning, whatever financial crisis they're in right now, apparently is more expensive than standing off all of Europe and Japan.

Or, maybe it isn't about numbers. Maybe its a new generation of British politicians that can't bear to see any form of human activity permitted without slapping a tax on it.

It's in line with the European Value-Added Tax, which says that value exists independently of any profitable cash transaction. The VAT is a tax on costs, not profits. And now, the Brits will be taxed for the cost of shipping.

Such behavior can only succeed so long as foriegners are restrained from exploiting the artificially high cost of doing business in tax-laden Britain. I question how long America would agree to subsidize this tax.

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