Saturday, June 18, 2005

A Fun Partisan Evening

I had a great time at the Flag Day Dinner! [I'll post some photos when I have them ready.]

I'll start with a public service announcement:


Poor Justene of Calblog was one of those misdirected down the 215.
I had some fine purple prose about Riverside traffic--but that would just discourage you from visiting. I'll just say: call ahead.

We started off with very fine singing by a young lady, then heard introductory remarks by the author of California Conservatives for Truth on the need to expand our base through the Inland Empire through voter registration. Angel feels we're well placed to do so.

Sen. Bob Dutton gave a straight-forward exposition of the budget difficulties. I'll try to summarize his masterfully condensed explanation: the education lobby is demanding, in a year of $80 billion revenue, the same amount they received in 2000 when we collected $100 billion in revenue. The GOP is reluctantly willing, this year, to go $3 billion in deficit to provide for them, but Dems are now demanding a $5 billion deficit and acknowlegement that the funding level is a permanent benchmark.

News to many of us is the move to create a union of past and present inmates of California's penal institutions. This will apparently shield fundraising and lobbying activities in Sacramento, that the Senator estimated at $78 million in 2006.

Off-the-record, Sen. Dutton discussed Arnold's political muscle and the various initiatives. I'm obligated to keep his conclusions regarding timing, tactics and priorities off-record, but I have no committment regarding the audience's relaxed and appreciative response. Wink-nod.

Michael Zak gave an erudite talk on the founding principles of the GOP, which to its leaders were not cynical "triangulation" but deep beliefs they felt required a firm champion; the Democratic response, ranging from filibusters to assassination; and the failure of the modern party leadership to acknowledge its heritage of liberty. He gave several examples from his book, Back to Basics for the Republican Party, but could only skim the surface. It's available at I purchased a copy and will enjoy it over the next week.

All in all, it was a fine event and the next time Angel throws one together I will plug it here for all it's worth.

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Angel said...

What a great recap. I think I will direct everyone here to read about. There is no way I could put it any better. I was great meeting you and Justene from Calblog and I look forward to many more events.