Sunday, June 19, 2005

Jersey Joe With the Odds

Sen. Joe Biden was on CBS' Face the Nation this morning to let us know, in measured tones, that we've got 60% odds to win in Iraq only if we bring in the French and Germans and Egyptians, and force the elected government there to bring in the Sunnis. Otherwise, we'll be evacuating the embassy in 2006.

I doubt the French and Germans have resources we can't match; and after the EU constitution and budget debacles their governments might as well resign as sign onto deployments into Iraq. I think Sen. Biden also ignores the fact that the soveriegn government of Iraq can bring Egypt in, without asking our permission. And I guess he forgot that Sunni leaders accepted a deal on Friday, and I guess Bob Schieffer forgot to remind him.

I wish Sen. Biden would show the same fire regarding Iraq, that he showed backing John Kerry in the election. There was never any question of giving odds on a Kerry victory, or talking about the renewed tempo of Republican operations as proof Kerry was in trouble. In Washington, ambivalence on national issues is tolerable, but defeatism about the Party is unforgiveable.

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