Friday, June 24, 2005

Road Trip

I just got back from a last-minute romp in San Diego. We went down there to watch the Dodgers tackle the Padres at home.

It was interesting, playing the role of invader. For about three hours I sat in tight-lipped frustration, but Dem Bums saved us from humiliation and actually won it in the 10th.

As one of my pals noted, the Padres fans are too classy to hate like the Giants. They actually started congratulating us on our win at the top of the 9th, way too early to give up on defeating the Dodgers.

I forgot any sunscreen until we were already seated, and I am typing with the minimum movements necessary from my Chinese-red arms.

Friday morning I awoke early and saw the latest Supreme Court decision in the headlines. Balls and Strikes has some good background. I think it's yet another destruction of the Bill of Rights as any sort of guarantee of absolute individual rights against government. And with campaign finance restrictions on electioneering, another example of liberal silliness re-enacting the worst excesses of Tammany Hall in the name of progress.

In Riverside County, developers are offering small businesses the lowest possible bid for their properties, explaining that if they don't sell directly, the city will take it in eminent domain for the same amount. They know this in advance because the eminent domain taking is coordinated with the private developer--legally, as the Court has affirmed.

"Fair market value" in real estate is a range of values, and to milk the best price for your property requires time. Eminent domain denies the owner that necessary time to conclude a better deal. That is why these developers go to the trouble to involve local government in their schemes.

As I've said before, I believe any human system can be reformed, but how much damage do we have to allow the Court to wreak, before the country will back serious reform?

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